How Old Should Your Child Be Before Visiting An Orthodontist?

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | April 7, 2015

First dentist visits are usually about familiarizing little ones with the dentist and to help educate parents about caring for their baby’s teeth. Children who have transitioned from their baby bottle to a cup and don’t snack or drink sugary juices during the night don’t need to make their first visit to the dentist’s office […]

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5 Famous Faces Who’ve Worn Braces

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | March 26, 2015

That’s right – even some of the world’s most famous faces have had braces, some wear them simply to make quirky fashion statements, others discreetly wearing the barely noticeable Invisalign braces to correct problems. Following are 5 famous faces who’ve worn braces, ranging from Oscar winners to Princes to your favorite Grammy winners, all known […]

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The Number 1 Reason You Should Choose Damon Smiles

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | March 25, 2015

A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice about them. A healthy smile plays a big role in our identity, conveying our happiness and self-confidence to the world. Studies have shown that the first impression you give someone is made in only seconds, so if you want to show everyone you meet […]

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